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Mobile credentials for a contactless campus experience

For universities that had plans to migrate credential technologies over the past year, the arrival of a pandemic and the budget restraints that followed forced many to pivot their 2020 initiatives. Allegion's Jeff Koziol discusses these challenges and the funding avenues available that can help colleges and universities prepare to bring students back to healthier campuses and contactless tech.

The next wave of campus security and access: Three trends shaping 2021 and beyond

Allegion's business development manager of campus software partners, Jeff Koziol, discusses the trends he and Allegion are prepping for in 2021 and beyond. With an optimistic viewpoint that examines lessons learned over the past year, Koziol highlights some ways campuses can prep for the year ahead with the goal of evolving to create better, safer campuses for students, faculty and staff.

Mobile credentials for the masses: Key considerations for implementation and student adoption

Allegion's Jeff Koziol discusses the expectations that students now have when arriving on campus, and how mobile credentials have become a part of that landscape. Koziol covers all the top considerations, including cost and procurement factors, ways to support the Android user base, areas on campus that can benefit from mobile credentials, and pathways forward for universities trying to achieve mobile implementation.

Tennessee students embrace mobile credentials with help of Allegion

Allegion's Jeff Koziol details the new Mobile Credential project at the University of Tennessee, delves into the benefits of a mobile student ID, and how the need for them now is even more apparent. Hear how mobile credentials enable remote distribution to cut the number of students picking up replacement cards in person, as well as how transactions and secure access can occur without students needing to swipe or hand over a physical card.

Safer campus security with touchless access control, contactless credentials

While it’s unclear when schools will welcome back students, campuses need to be prepared for a new normal. Allegion's Rob Lydic discusses two solutions to consider -- contactless credentials and touchless access control hardware -- and their ability to help reduce contact transmission and cut the number of surfaces that people touch on campus.

Creating secure IDs with cloud-based card issuance

Universities are making a shift to cloud-based card-issuance solutions to enable a remote card issuance experience, and redefine the economics of card issuance by ushering in new service-based models. HID Global's Robin Tandon explains all the ins and outs of cloud-based card issuance.

Allegion Q&A: Mobile credentials for colleges and universities

Allegion's Jeff Koziol speaks with campus clients about how to know if mobile is the right solution for your campus, and when a campus should consider the transition. Hear from the University of San Francisco, the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and the University of Vermont as they each share their experiences, the value they expect to receive from the move to mobile credentials, and advice they have for their peers.

Top three things to consider when selecting campus credentials

From mechanical keys to mobile devices, managing access is an essential piece of campus security. With more campuses exploring mobile credentials, buzz continues to build across the campus card industry. In response, schools are reevaluating their credential platforms alongside locks and other hardware to provide a more secure and convenient campus experience.

Wireless access control on university campuses

The evolution from mechanical, to wired, to wireless continues to impact the security industry, and higher education campuses are among the environments benefiting from the flexibility and efficiencies wireless solutions offer. While wired and mechanical solutions have their place on campus, wireless electronic locks complement these to expand the value of electronic security to more openings. To understand this value, Allegion's Jeff Koziol explores the advantages of wireless in depth.

Transforming campus access control with cloud technologies

Cloud technologies are giving people access through their mobile phones and other devices to a variety of new experiences, while making their environments smarter and more data-driven. The modern campus is now undergoing unprecedented change with the advent of identity- and location-aware building systems, virtual assistants, and “personal IoT” solutions that recognize people and customize how they access buildings and the services and resources they need.


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