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Month: February 2017

HID’s executive guide to picking the right issuance provider

Regardless of your institution's size or population, effective secure issuance requires a reliable solution that meets both immediate needs and those of the future. In an effort to assist higher education institutions navigate this selection process, HID Global "Secure Issuance Solutions – An Executive’s Guide to Selecting the Right Provider" white paper lays out the necessary considerations for defining, evaluating and selecting the ideal secure issuance provider to meet your specific credential needs.

Police call for two IDs for Miami students

Underage drinking and fake ID use have Oxford, Ohio police calling for local bars to ask Miami students for two forms of ID to prove legal age. The motion is in part the result of Miami University’s president committing to a “breakthrough” on the issue of underage binge drinking at a recent university board meeting.

Video spotlight: CU Boulder’s Buff OneCard

Rounding out the week's coverage is a video spotlight of the University of Colorado Boulder's campus card promotional video. Boulder's card program has put together an informative, well edited and professional video for its students to learn about the many uses of the Buff OneCard.

TBT: Contactless smart cards 101

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we're turning the clock back to 2011 to a story that details the need-to-know basics of contactless smart card technology.

Mobile ordering and delivery expand Arizona dining volume

A mobile app, some golf carts and a renowned burrito are proving that campus food services can change with the times. Many argue that the traditional model of institutional food service -- student ID cards, board plans with declining balance, on-campus locations and limited availability – can no longer compete in the modern marketplace. But at the University of Arizona, it is not just competing it’s thriving.

New app helping students find free meals on campus

A new app at Cal State Fullerton is helping students in need to find free meals on campus by sending push notifications directly to students when leftover food becomes available. The app is part of Cal State Fullerton's ongoing efforts to address food and housing insecurity on campus following a recent university report that found some 21-24% of students across Fullerton's 23 campuses lack regular access to meals.

New card office Twitter page now live

With the arrival of each wave of new students to campus, comes the need for institutions to evolve to meet the needs and tendencies of their new residents. And while social media resides at the heart of the college life, it can be utilized as a means to boost awareness for your campus card operation. With this in mind, CR80News has compiled a new page dedicated to the Twitter handles of campus card offices from around the country.

Campus laundry: A brief history

While laundry isn’t typically seen as a life-saving service, it does – like any superhero – have an origin story. Campus card industry consultant, Robert Huber, has seen campus laundry evolve to reflect changing college life.

The future of payments in campus laundry

Laundry isn’t just one of the oldest student services but one of the earliest supported by the campus card. But as with everything else on campus, laundry services are subject to the changing tides of technology and evolving service models. Institutions are navigating how to best price laundry services and deploy new technologies like mobile apps. They are even reevaluating the future of the campus card in laundry facilities.

School district turns to campus cards to track attendance

Jacksonville's Duval County schools are set to deploy a new student identification system across its campuses that will facilitate attendance and tardiness tracking, among other infractions when the system goes live with the start of the next school year. The new card system will take a few familiar concepts from the one-card formula seen on many college campuses.
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