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Month: October 2015

Oregon State cuts waste with reusable containers

A growing number of university food service operations are turning to reusable takeout containers in dining halls to cut waste. The trend's latest participant seems to be Oregon State and its new "Eco2Go" program.

Catholic high school deploys facial recognition for access control

A camera at St. Mary’s Catholic High School in St. Louis conducts facial recognition for every person that passes through the front and back entrance. The school is located in a high-crime area on the city’s south side, and school administrators were in need of an extra layer of security to complement the regular video monitoring system. The answer was facial recognition.

Ithaca College to launch GET mobile ordering

Ithaca College is adding mobile ordering on campus via campus card system vendor CBORD's GET platform. CBORD also provides the transaction system at Ithaca, so the framework was already in place for mobile ordering via GET to be implemented.

Georgia Southern expands use of iris biometrics

The use of iris biometrics at Georgia Southern has expanded to include access to the campus rec center following successful adoption at campus dining facilities. Of the university’s total enrollment of 20,500, some 15,000 students have already enrolled in the iris program and in doing so are able to use the system.

Re-carding a campus: What to consider when mass issuance is in the cards

Re-carding an entire population is a dreaded prospect for any campus card office. It’s a massive project that can be time consuming, tedious and costly, so here are some things to consider when mass issuance is in the cards.

Johns Hopkins, LSU seeking new staff members

Johns Hopkins and Louisiana State Univeristy have posted new job listings for housing/dining and auxiliary services. Johns Hopkins is seeking an Associate Dean of housing, dining, residential life and conference services, while LSU has posted a listing for a Director of Technology whose responsibilities partially coincide with the Tiger Card Office.

PA colleges cut waste with reusable cups

Reusable takeout containers have been hitting a number of campuses over the last year, cutting down on both food and disposable container waste. Now, Pennsylvania's Misericordia University is extending the idea of disposable containers to include reusable cups as part of Metz Culinary Management’s -- the university's food service provider -- sustainability initiative.

Oklahoma adds resource numbers to IDs

The University of Oklahoma will begin printing campus and local resource phone numbers on the backs of all new student IDs next semester. The initiative is being led by the university's student government association and will take effect for all cards printed beginning in 2016.

Open-loop payments gain ground on campus

Most campuses find it necessary to accept a mix of payment options, including open-loop credit and debit cards. But while open-loop payments might have once only been accepted at the bookstore for major purchases, they are now accepted at an increasing number of locations around campus, from dining halls to vending machines.

Columbia students share meal swipes via new app

Columbia University students are donating meal swipes to peers in need via a new initiative and student-developed mobile app. The program is a joint initiative between Columbia's student government and the university's First-Generation Low-Income Partnership. Students can now use a mobile app that matches students in need of a meal swipe with those willing to donate one.


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