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Month: May 2015

Trent adds off-campus cafes to the menu

Canada's Trent University is now for the first time giving students the option to purchase food from off-campus cafes using the university's UCard. The three local cafes included in the initiative were selected via student survey.

From the Director’s chair: Campus card procurement

It's easy to demand the highest security cards and systems, but the reality is that campuses can't always afford to max out every system across all auxiliaries. There's a balance that must realized when weighing system upgrades and investments. To better paint the picture, Notre Dame's director of auxiliary services, Scott Kachmarik talks best practices and striking the crucial balance between security and cost in campus card procurement.

After 30 years, campus card admin plots retirement

Tony Warner has served East Tennessee State University for 30 years. Now, Warner has planned his retirement as the assistant vice president for student affairs, university center and campus ID services in the coming fall semester.

Department of Education publishes rulemaking document

The Department of Education has released its notice of proposed rulemaking for the regulation of title IV and HEA funds, having been working on the negotiated rulemaking process for over a year. The resulting...

London issuing proof of age IDs to students

London's Proof of Age Standards Scheme is issuing student cards to help mitigate the risk of businesses selling age-restricted goods and services to minors. London's Kingston Council on Thames is the latest borough in the city to start issuing the credentials, which will cost roughly £8 each.

Securing the identity chain

Given the myriad of ways that the identity chain can be compromised, campuses must consider how the student ID can avoid becoming the weakest link. The university ID card is used to support a range of student services on campus, but that doesn't mean it can't still be a target.

CBORD’s 7 reasons to upgrade to CS Gold 7

CBORD recently launched version 7 of its CS Gold modular ID card system, which adds a host of new features. To help get the word out, the company has released a series of informative videos that covers the new features in greater detail.

Atrium under new leadership

One of the newest campus card providers to enter the market, Atrium is under new leadership following the retirement of former CEO James Doyle. Founded in 2012, the company will be led by company CFO Tammy Johnson, effective immediately.

Nigerian students issued smart cards for exams

Students in Nigeria are being issued smart cards as part of a new exam registration and authorization system. The project, which is being led by HID and The West African Examinations Council, is seeking to cut back on cases of identity fraud associated with exams by introducing a more secure process to student verification.

From the Director’s chair: Technology extends boundaries for auxiliaries

The National Association of College Auxiliary Services (NACAS) is a support organization serving higher education, with university members in the United States, Canada and around the world. NACAS CEO Ron Campbell discusses how technology can help university auxiliaries to boost their service capabilities and highlights available resources.


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