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Month: March 2015

EMV on campus

With the EMV liability shift looming, college campuses are having to come to grips with EMV. Nothing new to the rest of the world, EMV has yet to take root in the US, but that's all about to change. The shift will affect the higher education space and general commerce alike, so with this in mind, here's what universities need to know about EMV.

Akron mulls outsourcing of food services

The University of Akron has run its own food services since the its inception, but food service proposals are now being accepted from outside vendors. The decision comes following budgetary concerns and a smaller enrollment. The university plans to review vendor proposals and compare them to the current operation to decide whether outsourcing is the right course of action.

Campus cards for voter ID still complicated in North Dakota

North Dakota college students have experienced some complications at the polls following difficulties with physical addresses and the campus card. Meanwhile, a proposed bill that would have allowed university-issued ID cards to stand in as a voter ID in the state failed, as campus administrators cited the cost to reprint and reissue cards would have fallen squarely on university budgets.

Fake ID use still a concern, carries heavy consequence

The use of fake IDs remains a concern amongst college students, despite heavy consequence and long term ramifications. Now, reports out of Illinois and Iowa are serving as a reminder that students are still attempting to use fraudulent identification to gain access to bars and restaurants underage.

Next-gen apps merge campus ID and student life

Mobile everything is taking the higher-ed space by storm recently, with apps now available for nearly every student-facing service available. With this trend in mind the cover story for the Spring issue of CR80News looks at what this trend may mean for the student mobile app going forward.

IDenticard adds prox to UBand solution

IDenticard's UBand offers a wearable alternative to the campus card. The silicon bracelet represents a rare foray into wearables for the higher ed space, and depending on the implementation, supports access control and other transactions on campus. Now, the company has announced that the bracelet will include proximity technology and compatibility with HID prox formats.

A NACCU 2015 primer

The 2015 NACCU Conference is just around the corner. The conference schedule will cover a wide range of topics and emerging trends, and trying to hit all the interesting sessions can be daunting. With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to be prepared and informed when you arrive in New Orleans.

A guide to sneaking into the dining hall

Students at Michigan State are finding resourceful, though unwarranted, methods for entering campus dining halls without paying for their meals. The State News, Michigan State's student newspaper outlines the most common methods of fraudulent dining hall entry.


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