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Month: February 2015

Comical mail error leads to fake ID bust

A student named Dean is at the heart of an unfortunate case of mistaken identity that has uncovered a Chinese website selling fake IDs to students. The student ordered as many as eight fake driver licenses from the website, but was caught when the package arrived on the desk of a university dean, and not to the student named Dean.

Student ‘hacks’ campus card for final project

A student at Oklahoma State used his final project in an information security class to decipher and duplicate the university's student ID card. The student used a mag stripe reader/writer purchased online and a university web portal to decipher the card numbering system.

Holograms on campus cards

Holograms are used on a plethora of state and federal IDs to deter counterfeiting and duplications efforts, but are these security elements a good fit for the campus card? ColorID's Mark Degan discusses the benefits of holographic elements, as well as the options available to universities that are considering adding a hologram to their campus credential, and Clemson University weighs in on its use of holograms.

University medical records used in ID theft

A rash of identity theft at Shorter University is the result of stolen student medical records containing birth dates and Social Security numbers. Police believe that as many as 900 records could have been stolen, with 30 cases of fraudulent tax filings already being reported in relation to the case.

University devotes part of dorm to gender-neutral living

One University of Missouri dorm will convert some of its rooms to gender-neutral living for students identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming. The program marks the university's intent to make living on campus as comfortable and accepting as possible for all students.

University of Illinois, TCF Bank to part ways

The University of Illinois and TCF Bank will end their partnership at the end of this month in a move that will unbind the university's i-Card from bank functions. While the move will not affect students' bank accounts, it will remove the use of Illinois' student ID card as a bank card.

Heartland partners with SwiftData

Heartland Campus Solutions has partnered with data integration company SwiftData to offer Heartland clients an outsourced option for managing data flow. The announcement on Heartland's website comes just two months after SwiftData announced its arrival to the higher ed space. Leading the charge for SwiftData is the company's flagship solution, the Pinwheel Data Management Engine.

Purdue University plays home to Amazon storefront

Purdue University and Amazon have partnered to establish a brick-and-mortar storefront where students can ship their Amazon purchases for free. The store has been in operation since its soft opening earlier in the semester, and is saving students money while enabling them to ship everything from textbooks to consumer electronics at discounted rates.

University adds new daily meal times

Brandeis University is adding more daily dining times, offering students more flexibility in when they can grab a meal on campus. Following feedback from Brandeis students, the university along with food service provider Sodexo decided to add the extra meal times.

Allegion’s student ID card of 2020

Taking a look into the future, Allegion's Jeremy Earles posits that the student ID and smartphone will blend to form a new breed of campus credential. While the immediate forecast will likely call for a combined, card and mobile formula, Earles believes that the smartphone -- particularly as it relates to NFC -- will play a pivotal role as the student credential nears the next decade.


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