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Month: March 2012

Face recognition fact from fiction

Facial recognition’s privacy problem

Once the stuff of sci-fi and spy flicks, facial recognition technology has evolved into a concrete reality touching nearly everyone on the planet. In the pre-Google, pre-cloud computing era, the technology required for these facial recognition systems was exclusively in the hands of the governments and organizations that deployed them. Flash-forward ten-years and the technology is available off the shelf, biometric databases are booming and the personal information of millions of people is freely available in the cloud.

Budget demands phased roll out of contactless at Quinnipiac

By Andy Williams, Associate Editor, Avisian Publications Quinnipiac University, a Hamden, Conn. school best known for its politically focused Polling Institute, recently upgraded the campus card used by its 5,800...

Brazil tracks school attendance with RFID uniforms

Grade school students in the Brazilian city, Vitoria da Conquista’s are using school uniforms embedded with RFID chips to alert parents if they’re not attending class, according to The Huffington...

Hirsch unveils new controllers, updated software

Hirsch Identive announced the launch of its new DIGI*Net series access controllers and Velocity 3.5 software platforms. The new Velocity and DIGI*Net platforms are an access control solution that expands...

New Pennsylvania voter ID law may disqualify some students

The University of Pennsylvania student ID card will pass as a legitimate voter ID in the November elections, but students holding an ID card from other universities in Pennsylvania may...

BillMyParents wins award for best student campus prepaid program

BillMyParents, creator of a trackable, reloadable MasterCard prepaid card that lets parents and teens track spending in real time, has been named the Paybefore Awards best in category for Youth/Student/Campus...

HID launches new monochrome printer/encoder

Secure identity provider HID Global has expanded its card printer and encoder line with the launch of the Fargo DTC1000M Monochrome Printer/Encoder that provides organizations with a printer that’s cost-effective...

DC One Card Expands to Schools but Scales Back Taxi Driver Program, Use of PIV-I

By Jill Jaracz, Contributing Editor, Avisian Publishing After a year of retooling its DC One Card program, DC officials are reconsidering the use of PIV-I and authentication of taxicab drivers,...

Students at Nebraska college look into adding declining balance to ID card

The Student Congress at Doane College, Crete, Neb., is pursuing a declining balance meal plan that would enable students to carry money on their ID cards. Students could then purchase...
contactless card types

The different contactless smart card flavors

The four players that dominate the industry – HID, NXP, Sony and LEGIC – have subtle differences that create the different contactless flavors. In addition to these differences, they also have similarities. They are all in the high frequency (HF) category, meaning that they operate in the 13.56 MHz spectrum and comply with either or both the ISO 14443 or ISO 15693 standard.
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